CBD for Dogs: All You Need to Know About

Like with any wellness trend among pet, when you are looking for CBD for dogs, there is plenty of info available online, and it is tough to know what is right and what is wrong. Obviously, you have to do what appears right for your dog.

Can CBD Make Your Pet High?

There’re big differences between both strains of the cannabis. The cbd for dogs oil supplements will be extracted from the industrial hemp (or sativa) plants that have very high CBD levels & no THC. On the other hand, THC with the large levels to produce high can be found in a marijuana strain that has little CBD. The CBD extracted from the industrial hemp is made legal in most of the states, however marijuana is regulated in states where this is legal for the medical and the recreational use.

Such difference is important as THC will be toxic to your dogs, however CBD is completely safe, thus ensure you consider giving your pet CBD oil made with 0.3% of THC and less. The hemp CBD provides calming effect to the dog needs without THC, thus you are assured your dog will not get very high. Also, your dog can just experience the mild relaxation.

Giving Right CBD Dose

Although there are a few topical treatments, the CBD oil is generally administered orally to your dogs, and providing the right dosage is very important. “As is a case with any kind of medication, the success has got everything with dosing.

As per studies on making use of CBD oil for dogs with the arthritis and seizures normally use the dose around 2 to 8 mg per kg, with most of the papers erring over lower side of the estimate (1 to 2 mg per pound of the body weight), two times daily.

The dosage is found safe & effective for the conditions studied (seizures and arthritis). The additional research is required to evaluate necessary CBD dosages for treating various other conditions among pets.

Final Words

Buy CBD oil in liquid form and you must buy the dog treats having CBD, however the best type to give is tincture or oil. In this way, you will adjust the dog’s dose by every drop.