Integrated Programme Tuition Is Way To Success

integrated programme tuition


The Integrated Programme (IP) is a platform for pupils who have achieved a high score in the PSLE. It enables kids to join a secondary school in Singapore and receive an excellent upper-secondary education while bypassing the GCE Ordinary Level (O-level) test. The Integrated Programme is a six-year course offered in Singapore that leads to the GCE ‘A’ Level certificate or other degrees such as the International Baccalaureate (IB). The IP system is aimed to develop critical thinkers, self-directed learners, and well-rounded students in academics and CCA by assessing their time management abilities.As a result, the schools require their students to maintain a high standard of discipline and actively seek answers to their present problems, whether through project work, assignment questions, or leadership positions for various CCAs. The integrated programme tuition helps the student to learn much better and score high.

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The IP’s curriculum is challengingand distinctive at the same time. The curriculum, although promising optimal growth beyond academics, might be challenging for sure kids to navigate. Additionally, locating an effective Integrated Programme tuition teacher in Singapore is typically not a complicated endeavour as there are the best and excellent tutor services with the champion tutor.ChampionTutor can assist in locating the IP tutor one hasbeen looking for to help reach the pinnacle of achievement.

Learning comprehensively while also honing test abilities is provided -Before their ‘A’ levels, students undertaking the IP have no expertise appearing for GCE examinations. Furthermore, for the ‘A-Level Examination,’ the rivalry from mainstream students will be fierce and rigorous, putting them in a great deal of stress. As a result, ChampionTutors tailor tuition classes for IP students, allowing them to study thoroughly in schools and gain crucial assessment skills in order to finish coursework and graduate with honours after performing well in the all-important ‘A’-Level test.

integrated programme tuition

Finding excellent Integrated Programme tuition teachers in Singapore is indeed difficult. However, excellent education does not always come at a premium cost. We at ChampionTutor are eager to supply experienced and most appropriate IP tutors at low tuition prices in the comfort of one’s own home.The IP syllabus is unquestionably more complex than the traditional O levels syllabus, and the disparity may be amplified among different IP schools.

Every worried parent wants the best for their kid, but finding the proper home tutor who is knowledgeable with the IP School Syllabus and able to fit the kid’s learning patterns may be highly challenging. Furthermore, it might be not easy to get appropriately certified and experienced instructors who are aware of and capable of handling each school’s syllabus. The IP-trained instructors can offer the kid one-on-one advice, instruction and direction to achieve the lowest stress.


The tutors or the instructors understand the complexities of the IP programme. They are uniquely equipped to teach the child’s particular skills and methods to reflect in their IP programmes. The teachers are versatile, have substantial professional skills to teach students from other schools and are highly educated in managing integrated programme courses.