It’s A Remake Of Permanent Roommates- CommitMental

While we stayed at home in the lockdown, the Film Industry continued to roll out marvellous pieces to keep the fire of entertainment going. Films and series released in the pandemic result from extreme dedication and coordination of the staff and the crew.

While this period of lockdown didn’t let us enjoy movies in the theatre, it gave us the time to enjoy films across various languages, appreciate cinema for what it is, and not let language be its barrier.

Industries all over the world have created amazing films that will be remembered for a long time. The Telugu Film Industry is one such industry that has had an influence. The film industry has made significant contributions to cinema through its vivid narratives, cinematic shots, phenomenal performances, and unique storytelling. If you’re new to Telugu cinema, advanced technology has made it easier for you. With the rise of OTT Platform AHA, you can now watch series online, all in Telugu with just a few clicks and a subscription.

One such series airing on AHA is CommitMental, an official remake of the Hindi-language web series: Permanent Roommates. It is directed by PavanSadineni and stars UdhbavRaghunandan and PunarnaviBhupalam in the leads.The CommitMentalwas a much-awaited web series that impressed many with its eye-catching trailer, and it finally aired on AHA on 13 November 2020, and now you can watchCommitmental web series online.

The story centers on a young couple, Anu and Phani, who have been involved in a long-distance relationship for more than three years. The phone comes back from the US and goes to meet his girlfriend Anu with a marriage proposal. This baffles Anu, for she has commitment issues and wants to succeed in her professional life first by stelling down with a job. Over time we are accustomed to their many differences and dislikes towards each other. They hold a small wedding ceremony, but that ruins things more, and the couple finally decides not to marry.

What follows CommitMnetal is how the different pair resolves their differences and end up together.

Director PavanSadineni has done a marvellous job with his team to set up a perfect urban drop-in Hyderabad city. Making the characters and plot relatable to attract the youth audience, the male lead Phani does a phenomenal job carrying life into his character. He is perfect for his boisterous role and does well in pacing his complicated character well.

Anu, too, does an impressive job in showcasing her moods and feelings very well, and the two leads chemistry on-screen is very good. The high production value, exquisite camera-work and the direction all add to CommitMental being a good show.

At just five episodes of thirty minutes each, CommitMental is a short series that you can binge-watch and finish in a day. A perfect blend of comedy and romance is set up in an urban lifestyle; you can now watch the Commitmental web series online exclusively on aha.

OTT Platforms have changed the trends of the industry and have helped bring more bold, unique and new concept for audience.