The future is today in the world of hemp


Let’s take a look into the not so distant future when it comes to industrial hemp. You know, the stuff your friends are talking about, but you may not know much about. Hemp is a revolutionary product that has taken the world by storm.


Every day, more products are coming online from hemp, and the count will not slow down anytime soon. If anything, farmers, manufacturers, and scientists inspire each other and challenge each other to create new products. There’s such a motivation to produce these products because there is significant demand. Where there is a consumer who’s willing to pay big bucks, there will always be an entrepreneur who’s ready to fill the void.

Hemp goes high tech, and the rest is history

Yes, high tech hemp is coming to an electronic store near you. Maybe your next iPhone case will be made with hemp. Who knows, the iPhone itself might have hemp plastic components in it in the future. The one thing that you do know for certain is that hemp is going to be found where you buy electronics. It might be in the keyboard you type on at work, the game controller you use when winding down after a hard day, or the pen you used to write your grocery list. The point is, there are so many uses for hemp plastic that they’re surely going to find their way into electronic stores.


Speaking of high tech, diets around the world are getting a protein boost

It might be surprising to some people, but many around the world don’t have enough protein in their diets. Americans eat ample amounts of meat, but the same can’t be said for people in poorer countries. The solution to their protein deficiency is hemp.


Seeds from the hemp plant provide a high dose of protein that is also very lean. People who consume hemp protein don’t have to worry about clogging their arteries with tons of fat. Beyond all that, hemp also can be used in flavored waters, teas, and even meatless hot dogs. So, the next time you see vegan hot dogs at the supermarket, check to see if they contain any California hemp. You might be surprised to discover that the hot dogs are loaded with healthy hemp protein.

Who knows, hemp might make its way into space some day

 It wouldn’t be too farfetched to believe that someday hemp might find its way into space. People do need to eat in space, there’s a need for products too, and who knows hemp might be grown on other planets already. Wouldn’t it be something if hemp found its way to Mars long before humans? It’s a possibility, and it wouldn’t be shocking in the least.