Verify and claim the website for your store.


Verifying and claiming your store’s website are two critical steps in getting your Merchant Center account up and running. In most cases, once you’ve completed it, you won’t have to do it again. If you’ve lost your website claim, use this troubleshooting guide to figure out why and what you can do to fix it. When you verify your website address by 먹튀검증사이트, a user in your account demonstrates that they are the authorized owner of the website. Verification does not grant Google any additional access to your website. Remember that only the user who verifies a website can later claim it. When you claim your website address, you link your verified website address to your Merchant Center account, resulting in the creation of a link.

Take control of your website.

When you claim your website, you gain the exclusive right to use it in conjunction with your Merchant Center account. To claim your website, go to the bottom right and click the Claim website button. Only users who have verified the website are eligible to claim it. If you’ve already created a feed, you’ll need to re-download it once your website has been claimed. If you use the Content API, you must re-upload your feed in order for it to be crawled.

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  • Automatic validation

Google may already have the information it requires to verify your site (for example, if you use Google Analytics on your site). When you enter your website’s address in the “Business information” screen and click Continue, the process will begin automatically. Find out more about automated website verification.

If your store website is hosted by a third-party e-Commerce platform, the platform may provide suggested options for verifying your website. For more information, contact your platform. Verify and claim multiple websites. Multi-client accounts enable you to manage multiple accounts, each of which can be linked to a unique website address. While multiple people can verify the same website URL (verification), Google Merchant Center requires that only one account has the authority to upload product data for this URL.