Why Would You Need an Idgod Fake ID?


It is common for a teen to spot age restriction while buying lotto tickets, grab a spirit, arrange a funky party at a club and more. And as frequent as it becomes, the discretion starts getting under the skin of the impatient teenager who wishes to turn 21 in a moment.

Nonetheless, you can resolve this age issue with idgod fake IDs that appear realistic and are scannable. Below are listed some uses of the same. Read on!

  • Legal entry to nightclubs: Most nightclubs and venues pose age restrictions for allowing access therein. The age threshold of 21 that is yet far for these touchy teens irks them. However, with the help of a fake ID card, it is easier to sneak one’s way proudly into whichever club one pleases.
  • Liquor permission granted: People arrange fake IDs to purchase and consume alcohol freely. In several countries, there are stringent statutory restrictions on selling alcohol to youngsters under 18. With a fake identity card, one can buy alcohol as per one’s choice.
  • Discretion for youngsters: Often, instances on the street where a cop confiscates the driving license. In such tricky times, a fake id can appear as an angel to help you through it. It is best a temporary solution since a shrewd sheriff may doubt the id if he whiffs anything shady. So, you’ll be walking on the glass all this while.
  • Explore the world: Travelling and exploring the world alone has a prerequisite of being 18 years old or above. This can get your goat, as you will have to show your ID while checking in at the airports, hotels, or wherever you hit. And fake ID becomes your saviour!


 The card material used to make the fake ids is the same used to craft the real ones, which are polycarbonate or Teslin. The information and image are etched by quality laser card printers and scannable magnetic strips. In a nutshell, the fake ID can never get you caught even by the staunchest of the bouncers.